Yuneec Typhoon H Pro Drone Review

Yuneec may have formed in 1999, but they released the ultra lightweight yet incredibly powerful Yuneec Typhoon H Pro drone in 2014. They say that it may be of so good quality that it can rival the likes of DGI Phantom 4 (considered industry leader). It boasts a formidable design complimenting its formidable features. These features may have not have been seen on other drones of this kind and size, for example, it has two more engines than the usual drones being sold in the market. The article takes the readers through its amazing features and functions of this excellent machine: 

Functionality and Design:

The Typhoon H is a big machine but for its size, it’s rather lightweight even with many fantastic features added. The use of carbon fiber is visible and well-documented, which no wonder makes this machine a light-weight drone relative to similarly designed drones. Even the landing gear is made from carbon fiber (the pillars to which the actual gears are attached).

It is highly maneuverable and pretty easy to fly because of the features, which will be described in the next section.


The remote controller of a Typhoon H has a built-in Android-powered mini computer/screen, which ends the need for a smartphone with this drone. This added feature also improves the quality of flight and maneuverability of the drone as one can see right at the screen of the remote. This way the drone cannot get lost because you will be able to track it via a GPS system and HUD controls on the screen. It has retractable gears and much of the components of the drone are made of carbon fiber, which makes it ultra light-weight. A slightly higher model of this drone can also bring 4K video recording camera. Its two more engines than the usual two, most drones have and can substitute for other broken engines by automatically adjusting its position on the drone.


Price is much lower than several of the DGI models, but its base price of $1300 is still expensive for an average Joe. This price also makes this one a rich man’s toy but this prices may be sufficient and well regarded for the extra features this machine is packing.

What others are saying about this machine:

Reviewers are divided on the internet about this machine. Some are singing praises of the machine and its features while some are critically lambasting it for its specs that look good on paper but not in reality.

Syma X20 Drone Review

Small and Compact. Good for adults and kids alike, this quadcopter and less of a drone is highly recommended by people who use it. It can be used for fun be it racing or just plain flying, it will not disappoint its user. To expound on the basis of how this device is very well reviewed, this review also tries to follow the same vein of other reviews that are available on the internet. This review will go through its functionality, connectivity, features, price and some words on other reviews that can found on the internet. You can buy this product via the DronesPlus brand store .


Syma has brought its devices to a whole new level in terms of quality. While this model may be small for its size, but it is highly durable and maneuverable. It has its own controller, which works like a charm, and is also very responsive in terms of control. The flying time is around 6 minutes but can be more or less depending on the user’s usage of this device.


Its connectivity to the controller is fantastic, which makes this top syma drone very responsive to the commands of the user. There is a wifi version of this very quadcopter called X21 W, which further provides wifi connectivity for more responsive controls and other things related to wifi connectivity.


It is very durable because of its pancake shaped and integrated design, which makes this copter/drone suitable for indoor flying for avid and intermediate fliers. On this very model there is no camera, but if someone is willing to go an extra mile in terms of the price, a higher version called X21 has a 720p HD camera. It is suggested in many by experts that it is also very suitable for children who love flying for its child-proof parts. It comes with simple to use controls that can initiate landing or take off with a single touch.


For such an awesome design and incredible controls, it is priced at just $30. The price is very basic and so is the model. It is affordable enough that it can be bought by anyone.

What are others saying about:

Reviews are mostly positive on Syma’s X20, which leads us to believe that most users and reviewers are happy with it. It is because of its usability and the price is also affordable when compared to other models of similar specification. This one is definitely for all the kids out there as it presents quite an amazing flying experience as well as it is safe to use.