Fall 2004 Conference Powerpoints


The following powerpoints were presented at the ACA 2004 Fall Conference and can be downloaded for viewing.  If you have any trouble, please email mhansen@syix.com

Wednesday's speakers & programs sponsored by:

Plane Pocket by Henry Eisenson
Fuel Tanks by John Gittins, Bryant Fuel Systems


The following powerpoints were presented the remainder of the conference:
ACIP Process and Timing = presented by Chuck McCormick
ACIP process, 2006 - 2010, including a review of required documentation, formats, forms, and deadlines on the FAA ACIP process; partnerships with state organization
Airport Layout Plans - presented by Fernando Yanez, Camille Garibaldi, Elisha Novak
Exhibit A, property maps, planning and environmental documentation -- How do these documents affect your grant?
FAA Compliance Update - presented by Charles Erhard
Residential Hangars, Airport Reference Codes vs Airport Operations, Compatible Land, Use Requirements, Current Issues
ALUC's - presented by Bill Ingraham
Panel discussion concerning Airport Land Use Commissions
TSA General Aviation Security Guidelines - presented by Kristina Dores
Discussion of security needs and issues; where to go next; how to prepare
ACA Communications Briefing - presented by Ken Mitchell & Carol Ford