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Write legislators using this automated application. Choose from prewritten letters or write your own.
Write state media (Newspapers, TV, Radio) and sound off on the importance of aviation.

Tips for establishing an airport friendly climate in your community.
A brief analysis and the current status of aviation-related California legislation.

Tips for contacting state legislators by phone, mail or in person.
An overview of California's state legislative process.

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Legislative Services - These powerful, easy to use and innovative new applications will revolutionize grass roots support campaigns by leveraging our industries influence with key decision makers. Online customization of prewritten political action or media letters on any aviation issue or write your own. An important new tool in aviation advocacy, CAA's Legislative Services applications are the first in a series of new tools designed to strengthen aviations voice in the state legislature. You'll find tips here for communicating with your elected representatives, local and state media and the latest status of California aviation legislation. Other tools for legislative action include a Press Release Form with Instructions for writing releases and a Speakers Bureau if you're looking for someone to speak to your civic group or local political leaders. Like to do some research before taking on an issue? Check out the searchable News Archive and Reference Library. Don't forget to have a look at the California Senate and Assembly legislative calendars.

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